Saturday, January 31, 2009

Deployment Day 33

i'm pretty sure it's 33....things have been a whilwind since we got here. My dad is back in the hospital. i've only gotten to talk to michael the day we got in...sean is whiny and tired and off schedule and mad that he came to see his papa and now papa isn't here. he wants to stay with aiden and owen all the time but can't because they have stuff of their own to do. not to complain b/c i'm so happy im here, especially since my dad went back in the hospital. i HATED not being here last time. and i hate that he's in there again, but am so glad i don't have to worry from afar and feel eternally out of the loop. as soon as visiting hours start back up, i'm heading up there. Sarah's coming over to sit with the kids. i love having family here! now if we could just get everyone home and healthy, things would be good. hopefully we'll know more tomorrow or monday on dad... i don't really have the time or energy to post details right now. but he's doing good and should be able to come home monday....I REALLY wish michael would call me again. he called when dad went in the hospital but i was in his room and we can't have our cell phones on in there... i would LOVE to hear his voice right now :(

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