Saturday, January 10, 2009

Deployment Day 11

whoops...once again, this was really written last no attention to the date ;)

Once again, not much to report today. I had the guy come this morning to shovel the drive. it took like 5 minutes and was well worth the $20 it cost me :) We stayed home again today. The little one had diarrhea all day...FUN! No phone call today. booooo.... i'm hoping he calls tomorrow. He requested that I mail him a bunch of stuff in his tough box, but i pretty much only remember him asking for his computer and his shower stuff. So i'm going to the post office this morning and mailing what i remember, but am hoping he calls tomorrow to remind me what else he wanted.

I'm doing...ok...with this deployment. still haven't totally found new coping mechanisms. i'm TRYING to use exercise...but really, i don't much like exercise. But i've been doing it every day anyway, and it DOES make me feel better.

i gotta go...mia has just leaked through her diaper...diarrhea, day two. JOY

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ that taken care of, and laundry started. Poor baby..i don't know what's wrong with her little tum. and i've given up not using their names here. oh well, i just can't do it. i use their names everywhere else on the web, so i don't know why i wouldn't use them here!

anyway-back to deployment day 11-
I watched a movie with Tiffany tonight. Meet Bill. it was good, but kinda weird. I've been having some issues with Tiffany latley (i really hope she doesn't read this :) LOL). She's hardly been home since Michael left, but when she is here, she helps NONE. none...with nothing. she knows how hard it is for me to ask for help. and it's not her job to help me, not her resposibility...but i thought she would jump in and offer sometimes. but no...and in fact, i've had to ask her to pick up after herself, twice. grrr...

such is life, though, right.

I'll be back with more "tomorrow" i guess!!

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