Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Deployment Day 9

We actually stayed at home all day today. That means that i should have a wonderfully clean house, right?? Nope. LOL but the weather outside is frightful so we stayed in today. it started out snowing, then changed over to a mix of snow and ice, then now just back to snow...yum. and the little one decided not to nap today, so i didn't get to shovel the drive way. it's crazy out there!!

No phone call today. no email still... i keep waiting and hoping. I talked to him yesterday morning, so it's not like it's been that long, but what can i say, i'm neurotic. I spend all my time watching the clock and figuring out the time in afghanistan, then figuring out my chances of receiving a phone call in the next few minutes. Like now, it's currently 0731 in afghanistan. i have no idea what time he gets up, what he has to do in the morning, what time he goes to work. But i'm thinking, "Maybe he's eating breakfast....then he'll call me on his way to work." Does he get to go to breakfast? I have no clue.

i still haven't fully resolved all my insurance issues. i keep forgetting to call...and then when i remember to call, i just REALLY don't want to deal with it any more. it drives me crazy an di just want it done, but i don't want to have to do anything else. I'm not repsonsible for this bill, why am I having to take care of it?? i in no way, messed anything up, this is not money I owe to anyone...i feel like i'm working for free...actually, that i'm currently being charged $100 a month to do someone else's job! grr... it's annoying, but oh well, whatcha gonna do?

Since it was a snow day today, we actually had arts and crafts time. I generally hate arts and crafts time. It's messy and quickly gets out of control. but we did play doh today. I hate it when teh colors get mixed up...but i'm trying to let go. we started out with red and white...and ended up with pink, but that's ok. He was having a REALLY good time playing with it, and was actually really using his imagination and made a hot dog, all on his own, then made "cookies" and then took them to the stairs and put them in the "oven". He is talking SO much more. His speech switch has apparently been flipped. He's making more noises, using more than one sylabal at a time and is stringing Four or FIVE words at a timee!!! he's still not always very easy to understand, but has definatley improved LEAPS AND BOUNDS just all of a sudden :)

and i think i'll end this tonight on that note :)

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