Saturday, February 7, 2009

Deployment Day 40

whew!! Vacation is TIRING! Sean has an ear infection...which explains some of his behavior...i think the rest is b/c michael's gone, and well...he's 2. Dad is home from the hospital and doing really really well. He's going back to work on tuesday. he passes his stress test yesterday. we all feel much better now :)

michael's gotten to call a couple of times. he's working really really hard right now (imagine that ;) LOL) but he is working 18 hour days trying to get all these systems up and running on a bunch of crappy computers on a really shakey network...with only 1 other person helping! fun stuff. but he did say that the days have been going by fast working so much. so there is a very small silver lining :) LOL he sounds really really tired, but i think he'll be ok. i miss him like crazy. sometimes it just hits me.

but the weather is sunny and warm here today :) i LOVE it. we took the kids to the park this morning. sean and mia both had a BLAST. sean climbed this weird ladder thing and was so super proud of himself :)

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