Saturday, January 10, 2009

Deployment Day 12

wowzers what a day!! i got up barely before the kidlets and tried to work out but was having a REALLY hard time getting motivated. Once i finally got moving, Mia woke up. i pushed myself extra hard for a few minutes, then brought them up their milk and took a shower. We came downstairs and had breakfast and played around for a few minutes. I put Mia to bed, then got Tiff up and then got a call from Michael!! We actually didnt get to talk for long, though :( then it was off to the post office (by myself... Thank GOODNESS Tiff didn't have to work this morning and was able to stay with the kids). I had like 6 packages to mail to "secret sisters" and then Michael's tough box ( this ----> it's huge and super duper akward to carry...especially in the ice and snow!)I had to go to Walmart before the post office and get a lock for the tough box. I lug all my packages into the post office and get all the little packages mailed. go to fill out the customs form for the tough box...crap. i forgot his address at home. called tiff and got that. Open up the lock and unlock it...go to put it on the doesn't fit. Michael's laptop is in there, and i can't mail it without the lock. the post office closes in 15 minutes...UGHH! So i lug the huge heavy, odly shaped box back out to the car. go back to walmart-Wait...did i mention that the windchill at 6 am. this morning was NEGATIVE 14??????????? NEGATIVE. bitterly cold doesn't even begin to describe it. so back to walmart-pay $10 for another lock. spend 5 minutes in the car trying to figure out how to reset the combination, then go to post to try the post office there. I was smart enough to make SURE they were open before i lugged the box again. they were. so i grab the box and go back out into the bitter bitter cold with the akward thing. the walk from the car to the door is a much longer one here. I grab it and start shuffling to the door. i get about halfway there and think, "holy crap, my fingers are frozen and i'm going to drop this thing. I shuffle faster. i don't make it. i had to drop the box in the snow about 3/4 of the way to the door. i try to get the blood flow going back into my fingers for a second, and try to pick it back up...not happening. My fingers REFUSE to grip it. at about that time a very nice young man came to my rescue and carried it in for me!! i was so super duper greatful!! there was a LONG line there. i'm standing in like listening to people with tiny little boxes rack up a $20 bill...i'm thinking that it's going to cost me a minimum of $100 to get this stupid thing to afghanistan. the floor is covered in melted snow and sand...everytime i scoot up a place in line, i push the box across the floor making a sound VERY much like nails on a chalkboard. I finally get to have my turn :) I have the customs form all filled out, but no address actually on the box. so i fill out that form and my guy who's waiting on me dissapears for literally about 5 minutes. he comes back and finally gets my big ass box on the scale...i hold my breath. He had already told me something how b/c it's going to an APO that i only have to pay shipping to NY b/c we only have to ship it to the military post office (wait..i thought that's where i already was? oh well). so now i'm thinking...ok maybe just $75?? i tell him i need cost me $16!! holy crap...i was REALLY scared to hear my total...are you ready for it????????????????????????????

$43!! whhoohoooo!! For that big ass box that was over 50 pounds!! just $43? I was thrilled and relieved to not only be DONE with that stupid box, but i didn't even have to sell my first born child to fund it!!

I went and bought me and tiffy lunch since i told her i would only be gone about 30 minutes and had now been gone close to 2 hours......I walked in and she had cleaned up and was feeding the kids lunch! Wahooo!! I scarfed down my sandwich (i was STARVING!) and got Sean put to bed. Played with Mia a little and then got her put to bed. this was when i had told myself i would finish my workout...yeah, not so much. about 20 minutes after i put Mia to bed, she was afternoon nap for her today! Sean woke up maybe 30 mintues later screaming that he had to pee...LOL then we got them dressed and went to the playground (indoor) on post to play. they had tons of fun and are both so silly. Mia's so tiny. she goes through the entire tunnel playground by herself and goes down the slide feet first, but she's so little that she litterally just FLIES out and lands on her belly...not feet first or anything...kinda like getting shot out of a cannon..then she giggles, says Boom, and gets up and wants me to help her get back in the tunnel. LOL!!!

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