Thursday, January 1, 2009

Deployment Day 3

He CALLED!! I just got to talk to him for the first time since he drove away :) He's in country but not at his final destination. He's in the cushy base right now...i wish he could stay there, but he can't! I'm just so happy to know that he's safe :)

he sounded tired and sad :( which made me sad, but i can't let myself get down. the kids need me to be stable and as sane as i can get ;) It really was so good to hear his voice that it made me unbelievably excited...adrenaline rushing, want to shout from the rooftops excited! goals for the day

GET THE KITCHEN CLEAN (you'll notice that was a goal from yesterday...i did the living room, but i just keep avoiding the kitchen..i don't want to deal with it)
do laundry from start to finish (i'm really bad about never putting laundry away)
mop the floors
clean the bathrooms
work out and then shower...LOL is it bad that i have to put a shower on my to do list???

Deployement Day 3- Night
So it was a long day. I'm tired and havent' been getting enough sleep. Not a smart move, and not totally my fault (thank you Mia). I've just vegged all day long b/c everytime I start doing things around here i start thinking and i don't like to think, so i'm just vegging. I'm forcing myself to get over it tomorrow and carry on. I need a break already and it's only been 3 days...LOL only 362 days left, right? LOL

so i didn't accomplish much today. the kitchen is slightly cleaner. I finished Mia's pants, but forgot to take pictures of them.

Tomorrow i think TIffy is taking us to Syracuse to get Mia's replacement crib (her's was recalled). I always feel better when I'm out and about. and having adult conversation all day tomorrow will be nice and HOPEFULLY Michael will call again tomorrow :) and Hopefully he won't sound so sad :( i know he's depressed and is going to be hating life for the next year, but i really really hope it's not too awful for him...

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