Thursday, January 15, 2009

Deployment day 17

I mopped the floor! that's right ladies and gentlemen...i haven't mopped the floor since Michael left. Not b/c i didn't have time or a mop...just b/c anything that involves me getting up and performing actual tasks i've been avoiding like the plague. b/c when i'm not 100% zoned out in my imaginary online lalaland, i have to think, and thinking sucks. But today, i'm getting over myself, and I cleaned. I forced a workout. I mopped the floor, and God smiled, b/c right as i sat down (at the computer, of course) after mopping the floor, the phone rang! Michael got to call and we got to talk for a long time! He sounded good, and it was 1 in the morning there! and he sounded normal and like Michael. It made me feel so good. We talked about what he's doing and his day and my day and going home at the end of the month and his work and the kids. it was SOOOOOOOOOO nice to hear from him! I feel about a million times better than i did this morning :) Deployment Day 17 is good. I'm not letting myself wallow in pity and just shut down and ignore everything. I'm doing something about it. i'm bettering myself and my kids :) Life isn't perfect, but life is good.

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