Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Deployment Day 22

UGH...THIS is the type of day that makes me seriously HATE deployments. Both kids are super sick. really really sick...full of snot, sneezing, coughing, the whole thing. I took Mia to the doctor today. She has a double ear infection. fun fun fun. Sean just started getting sick yesterday, so i feel sure we'll be back at the doctor's thursday or Friday. Sean's way sicker than Mia was. His eyes literally didnt' stop running all day long. He looked like he was crying all day today. He fell asleep on the 5 minute ride home from the doctor-WAY not like sean. He isn't sleeping at all otherwise. i'm really really hoping he gets over this soon. I'm exhausted and would really really like a good nights sleep.

So michael didn't call today. i called time warner to get the international calling plan so that i could call his cell phone. yeah...it doesn't cover calls to cell phones. DOH! sucks. and from what i've found there isn't a company that DOES cover calls to cell phones. it was just a day of wonderful news :)

so that was pretty much our day. Got up and went to the doctor. Came home...no naps, hung out, and then an early bedtime. Sean's already awake again and having major problems sleeping. poor baby...

7 days until we leave for TN and I absolutley can't feaking wait. I'm definitely going to need it after this week!! :)

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