Sunday, January 11, 2009

Deployment Day 13

Practically nothing to report today...i was withdrawn. No reason...just super tired. we went to walmart this morning b/c i needed creamer and ink, but they didn't have the ink. booooooo. When we were there, we went down the ice cream aisle, b/c it's also the frozen waffle aisle. Sean saw all the ice cream and he stopped in his tracks and his eyes got really big and he calmly goes, "More ice cream please." LOL so we bought ice cream :)

it is BITTERLY cold here still.

No phone call today. i did get an email though :) it was really super cool. i was retardedly excited for an email.

we have to go to WIC in the morning. we'll probably go to the playground while we're on post.

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  1. while not the same level, i get retardly excited about emails too...