Friday, January 2, 2009

Deployment Day 4

Yuck. That's how i'm describing today. It really shouldn't have been that bad of a day, b/c hubby called at like 3:50 this morning. I was barely awake and barely remember talking to him. but i remember enough that he kept asking me if anything else was new and i just kept saying, " no, not really" and trying to think of things to say, but my brain just wouldn't wake up.

Then i had to set my alarm so i could take a shower before the kids woke up, but I stayed up way too late again and combined with waking up with the older one, then waking up to talk to hubs, i'm working on very little broken sleep. But i was able to wake up in time to take a shower before the little one woke up. So that was good :) Then we all got up and had breakfast and got dressed. The kids were very excited to be going bye bye :) Tiffy and I talked all the way to Syracuse and she filled me in on all the details of her very exciting New Years Eve. Adult conversation is good :) What wasn't good was the anxiety I was having the entire way there...for no reason...just super bad, "my heart's about to jump out of my chest/there's an elephant sitting on my chest" kind of anxiety... grrr.... Then we got to Babies R Us and picked out a convertible crib...they didn't have it in stock, so we have to go back when they do get it in stock to pick it up. We already paid for it and everything. Tiffy got a call that she had to go to work later, so we weren't able to hit the mall. We drove home in the snow and the big one was BEGGING to put on his new snow boots and go play in the snow. But i needed to pay the rent first, so i unloaded the littles and left them with Tiffy for the 2 minutes that it takes to pay the rent. drove in the snow to go do that and get there and the office is closed. Grr...Oh well, get back home and walk through the door and all i can hear is , "SNOW BOOTS!" So i get them both dressed in ALL their gear and we go play outside. it was TOO cute. The little one looked ADORABLE in her snowsuit and the big one was just having too much fun. he even laid down and made snow angels with me :)

So then we get back inside and undressed and get drinks and snacks and I sit down on the computer to check email and what not. the house phone rings...very uncommon, but it might be the hubs so i answer. It's a collection agency for the hospital bill for my delivery of the little one. UGH...this SO should have been taken care of MONTHS ago and i've told the collection agency already that i'm disputing the claim. I DO NOT owe this $856. I don't have co-pays OR deductables. She tells me that after 45 days they report it to the credit reporting agencies...and they received my account in November. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I told Michael before he left that it was a simple fix and the doc's office was working on it and that i would check back in often... apparently not often enough. The doc's office lady has done nothing she's said she's done according to Tricare. So i end up making a payment to the collection agency...i SO don't want to do this, but i also SO don't want this on my credit report. then i talk to tricare and find out that i'm going to have to get reimburssed from the HOSPITAL and not Tricare...this for whatever reason pushes me over the edge and i start to cry to the tricare lady. she was very sweet, but there's really nothing she can do about it.

I just feel yuck today on top of everything. I feel fat and fugly. period.

So i've got the littles in bed and am going to drink a bottle of wine in my room and fall asleep before the first glass, i'm sure :) Tomorrow is a new day. I'm waking up early again, going to work out, and have a few errands to run. Tomorrow will be a better day. and hopefully if Michael calls again at 4 am, i'll be able to wake up and actually conduct my end of a conversation this time!

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