Saturday, January 17, 2009

deployment day 19

More sickies today...but today is more like a cold. Just some stuffies, some runnies, and of course the whiney-s/clingies. but all around, she was pretty ok :)

We officially got snowed in today. Lake effect snow is LOTS of snow and is INCREDIBLY fluffy. big huge fat snow flakes. There was a "no unnecessary travel advisory" so the guy that plows my drive couldn't get out to come do it. and it was snowing like crazy, so i knew there was no point in me even attempting to shovel it myself b/c i can only do a few minutes at atime before i have to come inside to check on someone, even if it's just sean up. so we stayed inside. Tiffany came home from work and got 2 soldiers to shovel it for free for us, in exchange for a ride to walmart :) but the amount of snow we currently have is just insane...and i'm pretty sure it's going to snow again tomorrow. but we're going to syracuse.....i REALLY hope we can make it to syracuse... i NEED some time out of this house!!

No phone call today, again. boo, again. there was a suicide bomber in Kabul today. even though it wasn't near Michael, it still is just scary to hear those things. and for a second, i tend to forget that he's not infantry and I DO know where he is this time. Last time I would hear things and just have to pray that he wasn't there b/c they were constantly on the move, and i could never be 100% sure where they were. but this time he's staying on the FOB and is much safer.

I got the kids both these really super cute "Daddy Dolls" ( from here : ) and the kids love them. Sean was immediatley attatched to his. Mia can take it or leave it...LOL. But sean sleeps with his every night and loves "his Daddy". they are tooooooooo cute. I'm going to take their pics with them, and then i'll figure out how to put a picture in here ;) soon...i promise!

seeing if I can put picture in here that aren't ridiculously big ;)
-Tiffany in a hole she dug in the snow-my sicky girl talking on the remote :) LOL

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