Saturday, January 3, 2009

Deployment Day 5

So my positive's, well, not so positive. I am trying REALLY hard to pull myself up and carry on, but UGH. working 24/7 is exhausting. there's always something that i should be doing, and i'm almost NEVER doing it.

We went grocery shopping this morning. it's funny how much the kids LOVE leaving the house :) LOL they get so excited everytime we go "bye bye". they are so super cute. I think the little one is feeling a little under the weather today. she was SUPER SUPER clingy all day and had a couple of extra yucky diapers.

I've been on pins and needles waiting for another phone call or an email from the hubs. so far...nothing. I'm constantly figuring out what time it is in Afghanistan. right now? it's 0650. I have a running inner dialogue in my head trying to figure out what he's he working? did he just get off work? is he about to get off work? why hasn't he called again? he has a phone card. is he mad at me? i tried to wake up last time he called. it sucks. my head sucks. i hate my brain...LOL

I worked out a little this morning. then my cranky girl woke up...and i tried working out while she was up, but then she had her first yuck-o diaper, and i gave up :)

so- my goals for tomorrow-

wake up early and work out
clean up some more
Mop the floor
Diaper laundry

my goal for tonight is to go to bed early and get some good sleep. I NEED some good sleep. I was in bed pretty early last night but my sleep just keeps getting constantly interrupted. by me (and my aforementioned stupid brain), the big one needing to potty, the little one needing....lots of stuff...and then me not waking up for the phone call of the century. I'm hoping sleep will help my motivation and general disposition :)

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