Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Deployment Day 16

Mia got up at 0530 this morning. I have no idea why...she was just up and crying...just way not happy. My poor girl. I just don't know what's wrong with her :( So we got out of my bed around 6 and came down stairs..i was still not allowed to put her down. We got milk and cereal and eventually she climbed down out of my lap. ugh...b/c of the super early wake up and all the crying, i was having a super anxious morning. I was super short with sean. i was trying really super hard to enjoy playing with him, and the phone it wasn't Michael. it was helen, my sister in law! long story short-she bought me and sean both plane tickets home!! We leave in 2 weeks! i still can't believe it. i have some stuff to plan out now :)

we had lunch, then i put the kids down for a nap. then, even though it was literally the LAST thing i wanted to...i halfheartedly worked out :) i'm pretty proud of my self.

once again, i'm watching a movie, so i'm gonna end this rambling since i'm not really paying any attention to what i'm saying anyway!

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