Friday, January 23, 2009

Deployment Day 25

It was yet another day of being sick. I woke up feeling pretty darn yuck this morning, but still not as bad as the kids. The kids, however seem to be getting better. still sick, but healing...

Michael called this morning. he told me that i sounded like crap :) that's something you always love to hear :) but he sounded really good. just working. they keep changing his computer so he keeps losing all his work. He's written this same SOP like 3 times now :) poor guy

all in all, it wasn't an awful day :) my shopping addiction continues to spiral out of control. i've decided that i'm going to have to just give myself an allowance and once it's gone it's gone. I keep finding things i "NEED" b/c of our trip home. yeah...that's what it is. a "NEED". I NEED more clothes b/c i have 2 pairs of's too big and has a hole in them, and the other's too smal.... i have no nice shirts that have no stains or holes in them. are these the things i'm buying??? NO!! i can't help myself. i have been paying off bills that's good. Michael was talking about how great our trip is going to be. and it is. I can't even fathom what 2 weeks traveling through Europe with JUST Michael will be like. We are going to have SO much fun.

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