Monday, January 5, 2009

Deployment Day 6

(everyone just pretend I wrote this last night like I was supposed to )

deployment Day 6 was nothing much to write home about. we stayed at home. played, cleaned a little, not a whole lot. No phone call, no email, nothing to report :)

i figured out why i have such a hard time staying positive :) Here are my coping mechanisms-
#1) Withdraw completely. Don't talk to people, don't see people, don't leave..just withdraw- I can't exactly do this with the kids...they kinda need me to carry on and function on a daily basis-so that's out

#2)Shop-Shop like crazy. I get a little high everytime i buy something...i don't care what it is...a calendar, a toothbrush, a pair of shoes, a feels GOOOOOOOOD. Ok...this is pretty much what I did last deployment-Pretty much every extra penny he earned went straight to Target...Not such a great idea actually. The hubs is working super hard to earn all that extra money and would like to have something to actually show for it when he gets back. He wants the two of us to take a super fantastic trip when he gets back. So this is what I try to focus on whenever I want to just get out of the house and go "walk around" a store or the mall.

#3)EAT-eat anything that stands still long enough. Once again-i'm trying super hard to lose weight so that I can look good when the Hubs gets back. so eating myself into oblivion is just NOT going to work...

that's it...those are the ways i cope. and I can't use any of now what do i do??? this is what i'm trying to figure out...

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