Friday, January 16, 2009

Deployment Day 18

My poor baby girl is sick :( It's been a long day with her...poor thing. She woke up this monring and was whining and wouldn't let me put her down again...She was horribly constipated..i have NO idea why. She hasn't eaten anything different...


She was trying to poop and was just crying and crying. She asked me to change her diaper and she was mid-poop. i had her laying on the floor and was trying to push her knees into her chest and she was SCREAMING and looking at me like, "why are you hurting me like this???????" Then she was literally mid poop but wouldn't /couldn't get it out, so i put her on the toilet and she eventually was able to get enough of it out that I could put her in the tub, with my help (YUCK!).....but she wouldn't sit down, and screamed blood murder when I layed her down, holding her up, of course. after the bath, she seemed to be doing better. She was still stuck to my hip, but only wanted to lay on my shoulder. she still had to poop. i tried to get her to drink some juice, and walk, and eventually had to just put her down and make her walk with me...she pooped some more finally, and it hurt her :( the poor thing was just miserable

(poop talk is over :) ) Mia had a fever yesterday and woke up with it still last night, but it must have broken this morning, and she THANKFULLY didn't run one at all today. But you can just look at her and tell she doesn't feel good. And to top it off today, she went from being constipated to the complete opposite. I don't know what is up with her pooor tum. Tiff went and got her some pedialyte, but she wouldn't drink it. They only get seriously watered down juice and now neither of them like regular juice..LOL. apparently that also applies to Pedialyte.

On the deployment front-no news today. michael didn't call or email. so there's nothing to report, i guess. I got nothing accomplished today, mostly b/c of Mia. I did not exercise, or keep track of what I ate. we're on it tomorrow though :) We were supposed to get all this snow today..i dont' think it even snowed at all...LOL. I think we are actually making it to Syracuse tomorrow. We were supposed to go today, but i just couldn't make Mia go anywhere. She was just SO pitiful.

Oh I spoke to Tricare again today and they said that the referal was FINALLY fixed! So i have to call back tuesday to make sure everyone's on the same page, and then i just have to figure out how to get the money back to me! :) lol but it's finally on it's way to being OVER. it still pisses me off that i'm having to do all this work for something that was 100% not my fault.

poo...mia just woke up crying...

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