Friday, March 27, 2009

Deployment Day 88

Days like today make me SUPER-HATE deployments. ntohing really out of the ordinary as we started our day. kids go up, had some coffee, savannah's mom called and asked if she could bring savannah by tonight and i could drop the kids off on sunday. Said sure, no problem, that works WONDERFULLY for me, b/c then i could have like like 4 SOLID hours of packing on sunday. awesome. Got dressed, went to the comissary and got the car washed. we stopped at the mailbox on the way home, and sean said that his tummy hurt. I thought he was getting car sick (b/c we all know...that's what sean does) so we road the next 1/2 mile home with the window's rolled down...never fails. always makes him feel better. so i open the door to get him out and he's still WHITE. says his tummy hurts but that he's not going to throw up. so i get him out of the car and let them play outside while i put the groceries in the house. he'd been begging since 730 to "ride his green bike". so i was letting him. i went over to zip him up and he was inside we went and he has a fever...102.5.

he didn't eat lunch, took a nap, got up, and was begging to go out side again and after about an hour of begging and his temp staying aournd 101.9 i decided why not. so he rode his bike around the driveway for an hour and was shaking agin. he went inside and layed down...a little while late his fever started spiking. I was on the phone with my mom and it spiked to 104, then 104.5. i gave him more motrin and a couple cups of juice and then he puked. after he puked, he was better...still has a fever, but he ate dinner and kept it down and was playing. i think he jsut drank his juice too fast that made him throw up. he still has a fever...just 3 hours after motrin it was already back up to 102.9. so i'll be up every 3 hours alternating tylenol and motrin. fun. i just hope he gets better quickly and that it doesn't spread. between yesterday's doctor debauchery and today-i'm done! i hate being a "single" mom. it blows.

Michael called tonight. he was tired and kinda annoyed, but generally good. i'm hoping he calls again tomorrow and we have a better, more lighthearted, more attentive conversation. i miss him. it sounds like he's going to be moving up in command soon. right now he's 3rd, but soon he'll be 2nd. this isn't a promotion, but still kinda cool :)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Deployment Day 87

communication has SUCKED latley. I've had like 1 phone call in the past week...and it was short. I had NO idea how BADLY i would miss those phone calls...i mean, i knew i LOVED those calls, and looked forward to them, and anticipated them...but the more time that goes in between calls, the more i obsess! i'm constantly checking my email...i make sure i take my phone EVERYWHERE with worse than before...i took it to the bathroom with me. Just making sure that i know where it is - is no longer enough.

but Michael's doing well. they've been busy lately...extra busy. Not necessarily a good thing. but it is what it is. the day shift (as usual, at least, per DH's opinon ;) ) is shirking thier stuff onto the night shift b/c they believe that night shift never has anything to do. so not true, but they don't care :) LOL He seems in good spirits. his night shift "partner" is on R&R already. she'll be back in a few weeks. Tiffany's car is still here...stressing me out! We leave in just a couple of weeks. just BARELY a couple of weeks. packing is going...slow. I need a drill sargent...or just someone to come do it for me..LOL

but tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and 55! we're going to the park- FOR SURE! sean can not wait to ride his bike. he's such a little biker dude.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Deployment Day 80

i'm super failing at the blogging thing :) LOL

We've had SUN lately!! it's been AWESOME. We got to go to the park this weekend and have played outside just about everyday! i LOVE the sun. it immediatley makes me feel so much better :)

We had child swap #2 yesterday.I went shopping..i decided that i['m going to have to find something cheaper to do next week b/c i can't afford to just randomly spend $75/week on nothing. lol. i got a bathing suit yesterday. I was super shocked that THAT was what i came out of my 2 hours with. that and flip flops :) i LOVE old navy flip flops. LOVE them :)

Savannah came over here again. We had fun. We had chicken nuggets and peas for dinner. Sean was NOT happy with this decision. I said, "i'm sorry bud, one day you'll have your own house and you can have whatever you want to eat." he went about his business...a few minutes later i (stupidly) asked, "Sean, what are you doin in there?" his reply???... "I'm gonna use my tools and build my own house."

BWAHHAHAHA!!! my child's genius :)

but they had a really good time playing last night. they all get along SO well...never fighting. they just play and Savannah is SUCH a girl. she took this ball that sean has, with elmo and cookie monster on's big and soft and when you push their mouths it shakes and 'giggles". Savannah picked it up and said "BABY" nad immediatley stuck it up her shirt. LOL (mia, btw, thought this was a wonderful idea and immediatley mimicked her ;) LOL)

i'm slowly but surely making very small progress on teh packing. little tiny baby steps... we'll get there eventually.

michael's doing well. his grandmother is still in the hospital...i think they've removed the breathing tube, but haven't shocked her heart. Michael was saying that they might not have to. so that's good news? He's been really busy at work. we haven't talked too much. i miss him so much.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Deployment Day 72

What a fun day!! Today was the first day of child swapping. I dropped the kids off at Helen & Savannah's house at 1030 this morning, went and got my hair did , grabbed some lunch, and went to pick them up. My hair's not much different. It's shorter and has a little more shape to it :)

When i got to their house, i rang the doorbell, and immediately heard cries. I thought, "OH NO! My kids have been horrible this entire time!" No...Savannah was crying b/c she didn't want them to go home! LOL!! So we hung out for just a little while so they could eat their lunch. We finally pried the kids away from one another and got home. Sean cried the entire way home b/c he wanted to play and "Bah's house" (how in the world "Savannah" turns into "Bah" i have no clue. I've been working with the poor kid all week, but he just can't get it. LOL at one point today he got so tired of being corrected he referred to the poor girl as "that guy" LOL). So we got home and put the kids straight to bed. Then i got to work and seriously got the house under control. Mopped, dusted, organized, decluttered. I rocked it :) The kids both took really good naps. I think Savannah wore them both out :). Sean finally got up around 4 and we had a snack and played with my exercise ball for awhile (who knew that this would be the coolest toy known to man??) . I just had broken out the markers for the kids to color on the windows and there was a knock on the door. Sean THREW the markers down, RAN like i've never seen him run before, and opened the door before i could even get there. LOL i THINK he may have been a little excited :) We had dinner...a power struggle with Sean over taking his "thank you bite", then played up stairs, put Mickey mouse to bed, cured every child in the room of being "sick" (i asked what was wrong and the only thing either of them would say is "I sick") built with blocks, knocked over said blocks, cleaned up, and went down stairs and got settled in for a few minutes of Pinnochio. Helen showed up shortly after Pinnochio was visited by the blue fairy (or princess according to Savannah) and she once again cried b/c she didn't want to leave. LOL

It was fun. We've decided it will definitely be a weekly thing!! totally an awesome day :)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Deployment Day 70

Not a whole lot new here. pretty tame weekend (are there any others around here? LOL) we went to a birthday party on Sunday. It was really fun. The place was a little crowded and needed some serious safety upgrades (duct tape is NOT a solution when my children's LIVES are on the line), but they had an arcade, and my kids are too young to know that those things take money, so we had a blast there :) and then they got pizza and cake and pop, and sean was just on cloud 9. he was even excited when Adrian (the birthday boy) opened his present.

i turned in our 30 day notice to the rental company today. we're still going to have to pay for the entire month of april which is stupid. but whatever. I have to call the moving company tomorrow. and the storage unit. stuff to do stuff to do....

So. Michael's grandma is not doing well. They took her off the vent yesterday for about 5 hours and she was ok, but then she couldn't get her breath and started basically suffocating. so they put her on the vent again, and her doctors all met this morning and decided that there's really not much they can do. she still has a blockage in her heart and they can't do anything about it b/c her heart isn't strong enough and it's not getting any stronger and they can't get her off the vent. So they're running one last test, adn we'll have the result by 9 am. they said the chances are really really slim that it could help, but her chances are zero right now, and so they figured they may as well try.

this is really hard on Michael. He has a super small family and hasn't ever really had anyone die. and now he won't even get to say goodbye or anything :( it's breaking my heart :(

Friday, March 6, 2009

Deployment Day 67

so i know i've slacked off the past few days. I really just haven't had much to say.

I'm moving back home. i just have to go turn in my notice to the rental people on Monday. and find a storage unit, and sort through every single thing we own, decide what to pack, what to take, what to sell, and what to trash. i'm just stressed. I'm ready to be done with the move already, to be home, and out of crappy weather!! it's finally warmed up here, but hasn't stopped raining. YUCK.

i'm watching Eagle Eye. i'll update more this weekend :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Deployment Day 64

Major Mommy FAIL moment. We had a mommy's group meetup at a dance studio this morning, and who forgot their camera?? ME. I was so mad! Sean did SOOO good! he had SO much fun! It wasn't like ballet or anything organized. they had circle time, and warm up, and sean was begging for me to hold him, but i told him i was playing with everyone else, so i jsut participated, and he eventually went from crying straight to laughing and just jumped right in. The lady leading it was HILARIOUS. she had them wave their "magic wands" and make puddles and then asked who was going to leap over the puddles. Sean didn't even wait to be called! LOL he watched her do it, then went right out and did it first :) HILARIOUS and this was when i realized i didn't have my friggen camera! then they had to take out their imaginary "books" and see what animals were in there, then had to be those animals. Sean picked the animal "quiet" little man was quite outspoken when it came to picking animals :) LOL

then they got cookies and "juice boxes like Owen and Aiden have at their house. At their house out side in their garage!!!" Undoubtedly Sean's favorite part of the day :) LOL then they got to play with some tambourines and maracas (which sean proudly told me were from dora the explorer- my child watches to much tv), then just dancing to a cd.

Mia was there too, but too young to participate. she made me hold her for first part of the class. then she was down doing her own thing and would occassionaly shake her booty with everyone else.

we didn't do much else today :) just played here at home.

Michael called last night. He had called his dad before he called me so Thankfully i didn't have to tell him about his grandma. I did however, have to tell him how his Dad intentionally kept the info from us. and guess what, he was mad. lol. we didnt' dwell on it though. the last thing i wanted to do was get him worked up. so i went from telling him about it, and that i was mad, but didn't say anything to Bill, and i got Shirley a card and i would be getting it in the mail asap, to a story about sean. a HILARIOUS story about sean :) He has a book about animals, and at the end it asks "which is your favorite" and so we did his favorite, mia's favorite, mommy's favorite, then when I asked, "What's daddy's favorite?" he goes, "DADDY LIKES WHORES!" LOL (horses for those not fluent is Sean-ese) which made me laugh so hard i cried :) LOL love that kid

Monday, March 2, 2009

Deployment Day 62/63

so i was just too pissed off last night to blog. seriously. so i'm blogging on day 63, about day 62 ;) LOL

so i got a call yesterday afternoon from Michael's mom. She goes, "so have you heard anything else about Shirley?" i said, "no, what the hell is wrong with Shirley?" (Shirley is Michael's grandma). "Oh? Shirley had a massive heart attack and is on a ventilator and Shari (Michael's sister) said that they wanted to shock her heart but they couldn't because she had a blood clot" WHAT????????? Seriously? So i let her go and start calling Michael's family, and finally get his sister on the phone. "Shari-what happened to your grandma?" "Oh, she's better now...well, kinda" that was my answer. i was getting nothing out of her. So i asked when she had a heart attack and she said Monday or Tuesday. So Bill finally calls me back..and to make a long story short, Shirley is in much more stable condition now and is off the vent and they are slowly bringing her out of her coma. They decided not to call and tell me because they didn't' want me telling Michael b/c there's no sense in worrying him when he's thousands of miles away. ????? WTF? Really???? That's SO not your call! This is his grandmother and if nothing else, weather or not he needs to know should be MY decision, NOT yours. What if she had died? would you have "allowed" me to tell him that? or would you have just kept that from me too, and then the next time we all got together, i"d be all like, "Where's Shirley?" and then there would be confused stares at me and a nonchalant, "oh, she died 8 months ago". What in the hell people??? That's serious information. Do they KNOW Michael at all??? do they have any idea how PISSED he's going to be when he finds out that they PURPOSEFULLY kept this information from him, as though he was a small child??? I understand that he's in a super stressful situation, and i understand wanting to protect your children, but this is just SO wrong. so incredibly wrong. What in the hell is wrong with these people??

am i being irrational? Are they right? i just can not fathom keeping something that huge a secret. I just think of how hurt i would have been if no one had called to tell me that Dad had gone into the hospital, b/c, after all, i am 900 miles away.

i just don't understand those people, nor will i ever. I was nice and cordial when I spoke to Michael's dad, but FUMING on the inside. They're just a bunch of asstards.