Sunday, January 18, 2009

Deployment Day 20

We FINALLY made it Syracuse...we went to babies r us first b/c we wanted to make sure we got the crib before we went to the mall, in case we lost track of time....we went in, gave them our receipt and they went to grab the crib for us....long story short. the crib didn't even come CLOSE to fitting in tiffy's truck. Thank goodness this took 2 trips to Syracuse to figure out. (please note the sarcasm). Shipping to watertown was $140...Fort Drum was $155. the guy was so nice and was able to work us a deal and only charged me $100. but's $100 for a crib that i already had... grr. but now Mia will have a new (BEAUTIFUL) crib that converts all the way to a full size bed :)

then we hit the mall. Carousel Mall is a HUGE mall. I'd never been there before. It.was.NICE. we stayed there all day and didn't even see all of it :) Sean got new sunglasses and Mia got a new shirt. Mommy got a haircut :) i lurves! I think the kids had a good time. mia's still pretty pitiful, but she's doing good. she slept in the Mei Tai for a while right after we got to the mall and sean got to use the super cool (and expensive) race car strollers, so he was a happy camper. and i not only got a hair cut, but got to go out for breakfast, got to spend the day with Tiff, and got to go shopping :)

on the deployment front, STILL nothing. No phone call, no email. I'm TRYING not to worry. trying to convince myself that he's just been working crazy hours and that last time i went 2 months without hearing from him, but it SO doesn't make me feel better. It's only been 3 days. just 3 days. It means nothing, but still, i can't figure out why he hasn't called or emailed. so here's hoping for some communication tomorrow :)

i'm exhausted, though, so i'm done. I gotta go to bed... nighty night!


  1. Scheduled a massage for Valentine's weekend yet?

  2., but i promise i'll go somewhere :) it'll probably be time for another haircut by then :)