Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Deployment Day 23

Still sick. Sean is miserable...totally miserable. and he's making me miserable. Mia seems to be doing better. not as stuffy and no fever in a few days now. I'm already debating over taking sean back to the doctor tomorrow.

Michael called this morning. No news to report. We were just chatting and I said something about about Tiffany and something that she had done...and he blew up. not at me but at her. He called her at work and went off on her and she just happened to be in the office with literally her ENTIRE chain of command. Long story (that i really don't want to give details to) short-she got in trouble at work and now has ot move to the barracks until she leaves for deployment :( it totally really really sucks and i just feel like i totally stuck my foot right in my mouth. She loves me and isn't mad at me and doens't think it's my fault at all...if Michael would have just not blown up at that moment, it would have been fine. but whateves.

Mia's crib came today! The brought it all the way up to her room too :) I was so relieved! i was really wondering how in the world i was going to get it upstairs by myself. I made the kids stay upstairs with me while i put it up and Sean just about lost him mind, but we got it all put together! Mia LOVES it. she was begging to get in it. I let her play in it for a few minutes. Then at bed time tonight, I was asking for my bedtime hug and she was saying "in" and trying to reach her legs in the crib. silly baby. it's a pretty big crib. It converts all the way to a full size bed. I really think it's pretty though :)

That's it :) i'm off to catch of Housewives of O.C. and sleep!!

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