Friday, January 23, 2009

Deployment Day 24

i know i didn't post this last night. Mia ended up taking a late nap yesterday and was up until 9:15 last night, and then i was trying to watch Grey's....the kids didn't make that easy though!!

but there wasn't a whole lot to report anyway! Michael called which is always super awesome and exciting. but he didn't have a whole lot to talk about. He's "moving" next week...from one tent to another. they decided to put all the NCO's together and all the enlisted together. he was kinda happy about that b/c even though the guys he's living with are pretty respectful, he said he just feels like they're SO young, even though they're not that much younger than him. then i reminded him that he was probably close to 10 years older than some of them...he loves it when i make him feel old :) LOL

The children have officially infected me. I have their cold, but still not as bad as they had it, Thank GOODNESS!!

(Mia is currently pulling her riding toy around the house. Not riding on it...just walking aorund, dragging it behind her...LOL...she's so silly)

My dad had a 3 hour stress test yesterday. We don't have any results, he has to go back thursday for results, but we're assuming everything's ok, since they let him go home? lol..he didn't even see the doctor yesterday, so if soemthing were wrong, i guess the radiologist would have gone to get the doctor. so we're going with "no news is good news" for right now :)

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