Saturday, February 28, 2009

Deployment Day 61

not much to report today. We started the day with our schedule, but then we had to go to walmart. it was FREEZING out today. absolutely freezing. i didn't realize this before I the kids (and of course, me, too) were cold. lol! Whoops! no major meltdowns at walmart today! WOOT! We checked th email on our way home and I got my new Wii My Trainer game. got in, fed the kids lunch, put them to bed, and put it in the wii....then proceeded to get my booty kicked :) in a good way though. it wasn't so hard that i couldn't keep up, but hard enough that i definitely was sweating and tired. I liked it overall! i'll see what i think about it tomorrow :) LOL

So i was thinking in my bath tonight that i should just move home. there are too many benefits.... and i don't think we can "count" on another deployement with the new plan to withdraw all the troops from Iraq by august 2010. but if i move home, we'll have more than enough to take our trip, pay off the car, buy another car out right, and still have significant savings. So on Monday i need to make a bunch of calls. I need to find out how much it would cost for movers to move us into a storage place here, and i need to call housing and make sure that they will move us out of a storage shed. and of course, i have to wait for Michael to call again. He's told me repeatedly that whatever i want to do is fine :)

but i was thinking that with our "leftover" money, and having 0 debt, we should be able to rent for a year or so, and then revisit the homeowner thing. we would know by then if another deployment is on the horizon, and how much we would have saved by then. i feel good about my decisions tonight :) lol

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