Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Deployment Day 50!

woot! 50 days down! LOL!!

so...My husband SUCKS at talking on the phone. He is ALWAYS talking to someone else, doing something else. he just is not good at talking on the phone. and he only calls while he's at work so the conversations never super personal. it really leaves a lot to be desired :) LOL TOnight he was talking to someone about a broom, and searching the web for an MP3 player. yeah. interesting conversation.

anyway. fun filled day of errands here :) we got up, got breakfast, coffee (for me, not the kids, i swear ;) ), got dressed and then we had to go to the post office. I had tiffy's tough box to mail, a box for a friend of ours who is already in Afghanistan, and a box i had to mail to michael....and 2 kids. so i loaded up the car, then got the kids shoes and coats on, then remembered that it was trash day. so i go to try and drag the trash cans to the curb...they were frozen to the ground, and when i tried to move them, it strained my back. ugh. so then i had to pick them up and carry them one at a time to the curb (there's only 2 and the curb is only about 25 feet away...this is not as big of a deal as i'm making it seem, i swear). as i'm carrying the first overfull trashcan to the curb, i step on a huge, thick chunk of ice and slip..i don't fall, just twist and hurt my back this time. then i had to get the other trashcan unstuck and carry it to the curb. then get the kids loaded into the car, drive to the post office. I take in the two boxes, set them down, get the tough box, bring it in, set it down, then go back out and grab the kids. this stressed me out but i figured leaving them out in the car for the 10 seconds they were out of my sight was better than leaving them unattended in the post office, or letting them run around the parking lot. carrying the heavy boxes was not fun...my back is HURTING by the end of my post office adventure. i then figure it's better to just stay in the car than go home, so we go to the car wash and get the car washed. the car wash is easily one of sean's favorite places...he loves to give the play by play...as if it were some terrifying. "AAAAH!!! here comes the water mommy!" "the soap got me Mommy! it's getting you Mommy! It's going to get Mia Mommy!" "The dryer!! The dryers on Mommy!!" all the while just giggling and laughing his head off. it's possible he needs to get out more..LOL! After our exciting adventure in the carwash, we drove through arby's before we went home. my plan was to keep the kids in the car as long as possible so we could just get home, eat lunch and straight to bed, leaving me with very little work to actually do :)

i've taken 2 500mg naproxen today and my back still hurts...it'll be better tomorrow, i feel sure. It better b/c i got nothing accomplished this afternoon! LOL

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