Friday, February 13, 2009

Deployment Day 46

Well, after 2 days, delayed flights many many fits in the airport, car, and pretty much everywhere else, we're HOME!! we got home last night. We went grocery shopping today, and both babies went to the doctor. sean needed more medicine b/c i left his at my parents house. but everyone looks good! sean's ear is healing, mia got the all clear, we got cold medicine from the doctor and mia's pediasure finally came in! Cate's here. she actually got in several hours before us...oops! lol.

we just did errands today :) px, commissary, walmart, shoe store, doctors. then cate made me load up mia's old (recalled) crib in my tiny little card and illegally dump it behind the shoe store :) LOL very exciting. the kids didn't get a nap today and were TOTALLY exhausted. they crashed all over the place before bed, and went to sleep quickly.

Michael called today while we were in walmart. he's pretty sure that he's reenlisting for fort campbell. while this is VERY good news, it's totally breaking my heart at the same time. he so doesn't want to reenlist and fort campbell means more deployments :( he sounded so depressed when he told me. not at all excited :( it really made me feel really really badly. but we'll get a bonus :) and get to live in TN again!! and, as always, i'll believe it when i see it. nothings final yet.

off to watch ER with Cate!!

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