Monday, March 2, 2009

Deployment Day 62/63

so i was just too pissed off last night to blog. seriously. so i'm blogging on day 63, about day 62 ;) LOL

so i got a call yesterday afternoon from Michael's mom. She goes, "so have you heard anything else about Shirley?" i said, "no, what the hell is wrong with Shirley?" (Shirley is Michael's grandma). "Oh? Shirley had a massive heart attack and is on a ventilator and Shari (Michael's sister) said that they wanted to shock her heart but they couldn't because she had a blood clot" WHAT????????? Seriously? So i let her go and start calling Michael's family, and finally get his sister on the phone. "Shari-what happened to your grandma?" "Oh, she's better now...well, kinda" that was my answer. i was getting nothing out of her. So i asked when she had a heart attack and she said Monday or Tuesday. So Bill finally calls me back..and to make a long story short, Shirley is in much more stable condition now and is off the vent and they are slowly bringing her out of her coma. They decided not to call and tell me because they didn't' want me telling Michael b/c there's no sense in worrying him when he's thousands of miles away. ????? WTF? Really???? That's SO not your call! This is his grandmother and if nothing else, weather or not he needs to know should be MY decision, NOT yours. What if she had died? would you have "allowed" me to tell him that? or would you have just kept that from me too, and then the next time we all got together, i"d be all like, "Where's Shirley?" and then there would be confused stares at me and a nonchalant, "oh, she died 8 months ago". What in the hell people??? That's serious information. Do they KNOW Michael at all??? do they have any idea how PISSED he's going to be when he finds out that they PURPOSEFULLY kept this information from him, as though he was a small child??? I understand that he's in a super stressful situation, and i understand wanting to protect your children, but this is just SO wrong. so incredibly wrong. What in the hell is wrong with these people??

am i being irrational? Are they right? i just can not fathom keeping something that huge a secret. I just think of how hurt i would have been if no one had called to tell me that Dad had gone into the hospital, b/c, after all, i am 900 miles away.

i just don't understand those people, nor will i ever. I was nice and cordial when I spoke to Michael's dad, but FUMING on the inside. They're just a bunch of asstards.

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  1. What jerks!! No, they had no right to keep that information. And they seemed awfully glib about the whole thing like it was NBD. Hello, a coma?! BIG DEAL!