Sunday, February 15, 2009

Deployment Day 47

(once again...posting on the wrong day :) LOL)

busy busy busy! me, cate, and the kids ran some more errands today. we went shopping at the mall...we didn't find much and we had a few meltdowns :) then it was off to walmart, but we were in watertown, so it was the crappy walmart. but we found some stuff we needed for Michael. he's been requesting blue sheets for a while then lowes where we got shelves for the pantry and a storage unit for the living room for all the kids toys.

came home and made lunch for everyone, then it was naptime, and me and cate got to work. i put together the toy unit, and cate installed shelves. then she organized all our food. lol when the kids got up, we played and watched toy story 1, and 2 :)ate dinner, took a bath...the usual

then after the kids went to bed, we played GUITAR HERO!!! love that game. it was really fun. cate had never played. but by then end of the night, she was just as good, or better, than me...but that's really not saying a whole lot :) LOL

michael called too. he sounded in good spirits. he was telling me about how he threw a fit...

i gotta go..i just had a milk cup thrown at me :) lol

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