Sunday, February 15, 2009

Deployment Day 48

Cate's gone :( She had to go home today. We woke this morning, had breakfast, got dressed, and were off to winterfest! winterfest family fun festival in sounded like lots of fun on line...a magician MC, balloon animals, face painting, a caricaturist.... so we thought we'd check it out!! we got there a little early..had the time wrong. no big deal. we got our caricature done first. me, sean and mia. the guy was really nice. talked to sean a lot...had been doing this for 20 years, apparently. it was an...interesting...picture. i know what caricatures look like, but this guy made mia look like pinky and the brain! LOL then we made a duck necklace, that you fill with sand...ya know, all the different colors of sand in layers? it stayed in layers for about 30!!

the whole thing was pretty lame. there were 3 different "polar bears" walking around. sean was terrified of them. mia was enthralled with them at first, then high fived them...then started basically attacking them. she literally spend 30 minutes going from one to the other just hugging them. it was hilarious :)

anyhow...then we went on to the mall to do some shopping :) we hung out there until it was time to take cate to the airport. we had lunch, got some bras, cate gave mia her first taste of diet coke ( ;) LOL), got some other clothes...really really good time!! I'm exhausted...just ready to

michael called tonight, but was pretty busy at work, so we really didn't talk much. i told him about our day and he got to talk to sean a little. he said he should be able to get his reenlistment paper work tomorrow or the next day. we'll be going to fort campbell may of '10. that would be AWESOME. wonderful, except for the stupid deployment aspect.

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