Thursday, February 19, 2009

Deployment Day 52

I got to experience my first true public meltdown today. in walmart. there weren't any of those carts that both kids can sit in, so sean walked. he refused to hold my hand throughout the store, but stayed with me Pretty well...for a 2.5 year old, at least. then. the check out aisle. evil, evil, checkout aisle. Candy! Candy with movie characters on it! Candy, with movie characters on it, in the shape of cameras and cell phones! he ended up throwing a fit when i took away his "cars camera" (that i did NOT give him, by the way...they're on the floor level, right where he has full acess to them). i made him sit in time out in the aisle while i paid. he SCREAMED. i mean, top of his lungs, as loud as he can get, screaming...and he was kicking the belt thingie. I feel sure everyone in the store was watching me, but i ignored all the eyes that i felt burning in the back of my head, and sean. he stopped quickly. then when we got in the car, i was so mad that i took his baby shrek that he had brought and threw it in the box that we were mailing to Michael and told him that I was sending his toy to Daddy b/c he'd been so bad. LOL..not my finest mommy moment and on the way to the post office, i regretted saying it, but i couldnt' take it back...i had to go through with michael will soon be receiving a box with fresh, clean towels, weight lifting gloves, kool aid, and a baby shrek toy from McDonalds...

why didn't anyone include this in the list of firsts everyone talks about when your having a baby?? First words, first steps, first teeth....first public tantrum :) oh yeah...b/c then no one would reproduce :) LOL

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