Saturday, February 21, 2009

Deployment Day 54

No phone call today :( boo...

We decided today that sean HAD to get a hair cut. It was bad. So i called. there's this awesome place in Watertown, with this wonderful woman named Kim. We got an apointment for noon. nap's at 1, so noon worked fine :) We get there and Kim is finishing up with the client before me. So we have a seat...where sean finds a bowl of "pops!" LOL dumdums and mini tootsie pops to be exact. :) so we talked about Pops for 5 minutes and how he could get one after his haircut IF he was a good boy and sat really still. So the entire time he talked about pops... "brown pop" and then Kim told sean, "Your hair's so long you could wear it in a pony tail!" COMPLETELY cracked him up. then we talked about what Daddy would say if he had a pony tail, "No way!" LOL then we finished up and Sean did get his Pop :) a "brown pop" (tootsie pop). he came home and devoured it in about 3.5 seconds :) LOL

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