Thursday, March 19, 2009

Deployment Day 80

i'm super failing at the blogging thing :) LOL

We've had SUN lately!! it's been AWESOME. We got to go to the park this weekend and have played outside just about everyday! i LOVE the sun. it immediatley makes me feel so much better :)

We had child swap #2 yesterday.I went shopping..i decided that i['m going to have to find something cheaper to do next week b/c i can't afford to just randomly spend $75/week on nothing. lol. i got a bathing suit yesterday. I was super shocked that THAT was what i came out of my 2 hours with. that and flip flops :) i LOVE old navy flip flops. LOVE them :)

Savannah came over here again. We had fun. We had chicken nuggets and peas for dinner. Sean was NOT happy with this decision. I said, "i'm sorry bud, one day you'll have your own house and you can have whatever you want to eat." he went about his business...a few minutes later i (stupidly) asked, "Sean, what are you doin in there?" his reply???... "I'm gonna use my tools and build my own house."

BWAHHAHAHA!!! my child's genius :)

but they had a really good time playing last night. they all get along SO well...never fighting. they just play and Savannah is SUCH a girl. she took this ball that sean has, with elmo and cookie monster on's big and soft and when you push their mouths it shakes and 'giggles". Savannah picked it up and said "BABY" nad immediatley stuck it up her shirt. LOL (mia, btw, thought this was a wonderful idea and immediatley mimicked her ;) LOL)

i'm slowly but surely making very small progress on teh packing. little tiny baby steps... we'll get there eventually.

michael's doing well. his grandmother is still in the hospital...i think they've removed the breathing tube, but haven't shocked her heart. Michael was saying that they might not have to. so that's good news? He's been really busy at work. we haven't talked too much. i miss him so much.

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