Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Deployment Day 64

Major Mommy FAIL moment. We had a mommy's group meetup at a dance studio this morning, and who forgot their camera?? ME. I was so mad! Sean did SOOO good! he had SO much fun! It wasn't like ballet or anything organized. they had circle time, and warm up, and sean was begging for me to hold him, but i told him i was playing with everyone else, so i jsut participated, and he eventually went from crying straight to laughing and just jumped right in. The lady leading it was HILARIOUS. she had them wave their "magic wands" and make puddles and then asked who was going to leap over the puddles. Sean didn't even wait to be called! LOL he watched her do it, then went right out and did it first :) HILARIOUS and this was when i realized i didn't have my friggen camera! then they had to take out their imaginary "books" and see what animals were in there, then had to be those animals. Sean picked the animal twice...my "quiet" little man was quite outspoken when it came to picking animals :) LOL

then they got cookies and "juice boxes like Owen and Aiden have at their house. At their house out side in their garage!!!" Undoubtedly Sean's favorite part of the day :) LOL then they got to play with some tambourines and maracas (which sean proudly told me were from dora the explorer- my child watches to much tv), then just dancing to a cd.

Mia was there too, but too young to participate. she made me hold her for first part of the class. then she was down doing her own thing and would occassionaly shake her booty with everyone else.

we didn't do much else today :) just played here at home.

Michael called last night. He had called his dad before he called me so Thankfully i didn't have to tell him about his grandma. I did however, have to tell him how his Dad intentionally kept the info from us. and guess what, he was mad. lol. we didnt' dwell on it though. the last thing i wanted to do was get him worked up. so i went from telling him about it, and that i was mad, but didn't say anything to Bill, and i got Shirley a card and i would be getting it in the mail asap, to a story about sean. a HILARIOUS story about sean :) He has a book about animals, and at the end it asks "which is your favorite" and so we did his favorite, mia's favorite, mommy's favorite, then when I asked, "What's daddy's favorite?" he goes, "DADDY LIKES WHORES!" LOL (horses for those not fluent is Sean-ese) which made me laugh so hard i cried :) LOL love that kid

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