Friday, March 27, 2009

Deployment Day 88

Days like today make me SUPER-HATE deployments. ntohing really out of the ordinary as we started our day. kids go up, had some coffee, savannah's mom called and asked if she could bring savannah by tonight and i could drop the kids off on sunday. Said sure, no problem, that works WONDERFULLY for me, b/c then i could have like like 4 SOLID hours of packing on sunday. awesome. Got dressed, went to the comissary and got the car washed. we stopped at the mailbox on the way home, and sean said that his tummy hurt. I thought he was getting car sick (b/c we all know...that's what sean does) so we road the next 1/2 mile home with the window's rolled down...never fails. always makes him feel better. so i open the door to get him out and he's still WHITE. says his tummy hurts but that he's not going to throw up. so i get him out of the car and let them play outside while i put the groceries in the house. he'd been begging since 730 to "ride his green bike". so i was letting him. i went over to zip him up and he was inside we went and he has a fever...102.5.

he didn't eat lunch, took a nap, got up, and was begging to go out side again and after about an hour of begging and his temp staying aournd 101.9 i decided why not. so he rode his bike around the driveway for an hour and was shaking agin. he went inside and layed down...a little while late his fever started spiking. I was on the phone with my mom and it spiked to 104, then 104.5. i gave him more motrin and a couple cups of juice and then he puked. after he puked, he was better...still has a fever, but he ate dinner and kept it down and was playing. i think he jsut drank his juice too fast that made him throw up. he still has a fever...just 3 hours after motrin it was already back up to 102.9. so i'll be up every 3 hours alternating tylenol and motrin. fun. i just hope he gets better quickly and that it doesn't spread. between yesterday's doctor debauchery and today-i'm done! i hate being a "single" mom. it blows.

Michael called tonight. he was tired and kinda annoyed, but generally good. i'm hoping he calls again tomorrow and we have a better, more lighthearted, more attentive conversation. i miss him. it sounds like he's going to be moving up in command soon. right now he's 3rd, but soon he'll be 2nd. this isn't a promotion, but still kinda cool :)

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