Thursday, March 26, 2009

Deployment Day 87

communication has SUCKED latley. I've had like 1 phone call in the past week...and it was short. I had NO idea how BADLY i would miss those phone calls...i mean, i knew i LOVED those calls, and looked forward to them, and anticipated them...but the more time that goes in between calls, the more i obsess! i'm constantly checking my email...i make sure i take my phone EVERYWHERE with worse than before...i took it to the bathroom with me. Just making sure that i know where it is - is no longer enough.

but Michael's doing well. they've been busy lately...extra busy. Not necessarily a good thing. but it is what it is. the day shift (as usual, at least, per DH's opinon ;) ) is shirking thier stuff onto the night shift b/c they believe that night shift never has anything to do. so not true, but they don't care :) LOL He seems in good spirits. his night shift "partner" is on R&R already. she'll be back in a few weeks. Tiffany's car is still here...stressing me out! We leave in just a couple of weeks. just BARELY a couple of weeks. packing is going...slow. I need a drill sargent...or just someone to come do it for me..LOL

but tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and 55! we're going to the park- FOR SURE! sean can not wait to ride his bike. he's such a little biker dude.

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