Monday, March 9, 2009

Deployment Day 70

Not a whole lot new here. pretty tame weekend (are there any others around here? LOL) we went to a birthday party on Sunday. It was really fun. The place was a little crowded and needed some serious safety upgrades (duct tape is NOT a solution when my children's LIVES are on the line), but they had an arcade, and my kids are too young to know that those things take money, so we had a blast there :) and then they got pizza and cake and pop, and sean was just on cloud 9. he was even excited when Adrian (the birthday boy) opened his present.

i turned in our 30 day notice to the rental company today. we're still going to have to pay for the entire month of april which is stupid. but whatever. I have to call the moving company tomorrow. and the storage unit. stuff to do stuff to do....

So. Michael's grandma is not doing well. They took her off the vent yesterday for about 5 hours and she was ok, but then she couldn't get her breath and started basically suffocating. so they put her on the vent again, and her doctors all met this morning and decided that there's really not much they can do. she still has a blockage in her heart and they can't do anything about it b/c her heart isn't strong enough and it's not getting any stronger and they can't get her off the vent. So they're running one last test, adn we'll have the result by 9 am. they said the chances are really really slim that it could help, but her chances are zero right now, and so they figured they may as well try.

this is really hard on Michael. He has a super small family and hasn't ever really had anyone die. and now he won't even get to say goodbye or anything :( it's breaking my heart :(

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