Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Deployment Day 72

What a fun day!! Today was the first day of child swapping. I dropped the kids off at Helen & Savannah's house at 1030 this morning, went and got my hair did , grabbed some lunch, and went to pick them up. My hair's not much different. It's shorter and has a little more shape to it :)

When i got to their house, i rang the doorbell, and immediately heard cries. I thought, "OH NO! My kids have been horrible this entire time!" No...Savannah was crying b/c she didn't want them to go home! LOL!! So we hung out for just a little while so they could eat their lunch. We finally pried the kids away from one another and got home. Sean cried the entire way home b/c he wanted to play and "Bah's house" (how in the world "Savannah" turns into "Bah" i have no clue. I've been working with the poor kid all week, but he just can't get it. LOL at one point today he got so tired of being corrected he referred to the poor girl as "that guy" LOL). So we got home and put the kids straight to bed. Then i got to work and seriously got the house under control. Mopped, dusted, organized, decluttered. I rocked it :) The kids both took really good naps. I think Savannah wore them both out :). Sean finally got up around 4 and we had a snack and played with my exercise ball for awhile (who knew that this would be the coolest toy known to man??) . I just had broken out the markers for the kids to color on the windows and there was a knock on the door. Sean THREW the markers down, RAN like i've never seen him run before, and opened the door before i could even get there. LOL i THINK he may have been a little excited :) We had dinner...a power struggle with Sean over taking his "thank you bite", then played up stairs, put Mickey mouse to bed, cured every child in the room of being "sick" (i asked what was wrong and the only thing either of them would say is "I sick") built with blocks, knocked over said blocks, cleaned up, and went down stairs and got settled in for a few minutes of Pinnochio. Helen showed up shortly after Pinnochio was visited by the blue fairy (or princess according to Savannah) and she once again cried b/c she didn't want to leave. LOL

It was fun. We've decided it will definitely be a weekly thing!! totally an awesome day :)

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