Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Deployment Day 1

Daddy left yesterday afternoon. It. was. HARD. So today is officially day 1 of my deployment :) So far so good!! I'm going to reclaim my house today. it's a mess. we were so focused on family after Christmas that it never really recovered. So we're cleaning this morning (after i get my booty off the computer :) ) then going to the store this afternoon...i'm out of creamer...and that's just not allowed!!

The kids are fine so far. The little one doesn't seem to notice anything yet, and the big one thinks Daddy's home every time the door opens. then we have to have a talk about how Daddy had to go bye bye on the plane for a trip for work... we'll get there. it's hard to understand something so complex at 27, much less at 2.5 :)

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